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Blood Glucose Control Tumbler made from Indian Kino Tree {Vijaysar}.

If you’re not getting this,
you’re missing what could be…

One of the Most Significant Blood Sugar
Breakthroughs of Our Time

A discovery out of ancient India
that wins in clinical studies.

“Just drink from this wooden cup, and your blood glucose problems will go away,” said Blood glucose control tumbler made from indian kino treetraditional healers in India for centuries. Carved from the Indian Kino tree {Vijaysar}, these vessels seemed to work wonders for blood glucose control, but HOW? Then…

Scientists finally analyzed the wood..

…and both the heartwood and bark turned out to be medical miracles. Kino tree bark is rich in epicatechin and the heartwood has pterostilbene—two highly potent, antioxidant-rich flavonoids.

Tested in Phase II Open-Label Clinical Trials by India’s Official Council of Medical Research (ICMR & NIE)

This is the top health research organization in this entire nation of over a billion people, and they conducted the studies with great scientific rigor. In one clinical trial, they gave an extract to patients, and after 12 weeks, the effects were dramatic…

blood sugar control graphAverage Fasting Blood Sugar Dropped Over 32 Points…

And NOT ONE of the patients reported any side effects. A study on a second group produced an average drop of nearly 56 points. Now THINK? Do you know any other herb that could duplicate this with zero side effects?

As Per ancient texts of Ayurveda, Indian Kino removes all toxins from body, purifies blood, reduces blood sugar & rejuvenates each and every cell of the body which makes this  excellent blood sugar control herb.

Modern day science have found following major healing properties of Indian Kino {vijaysra} :

1.  Rejuvenate beta cells in the pancreas (the cells that produce insulin).[1]

2. Prevent elevated blood sugar, triglycerides and insulin resistance from a high fructose diet.[2]

3. Lower triglycerides, total cholesterol and LDL and VLDL – Cholesterol in diet induced               hyperlipidemia.[3]

It is also found that Pterostilbene (abundantly present in Indian Kino) excels as an antioxidant between cells and its unique structure makes it 5-10 times as potent and anti-fungal as resveratrol.  When pterostilbene enters a cell, it easily binds to the receptors for PPAR activation, enabling improved metabolism of triglycerides, cholesterol and blood sugar. Hamster studies show that PPAR activation with pterostilbene lowered LDL Cholesterol by 29%, lowered blood sugar by 14% and boosted protective HDL Cholesterol by 7%.

Great blood glucose control is just the first of many blessings you may feel.

Carved out from 100% Pure heartwood of Indian Kino Tree {Vijaysar} the ancestors of Holy Crystals have been serving diabetics since 2 generations.  Madhuvijay Glucose Control Tumbler is being regularly used by thousands of diabetics across the world.

As your blood sugar improves, you’ll keep feeling more energetic, strong, and youthful for as long as you keep using Madhuvijay Blood Glucose Control Tumbler which is made from 100% Pure Indian Kino Tree {vijaysar}.

How to Use MadhuvijayTM Blood Glucose Control Tumbler

♦  Wash the tumbler thoroughly.

♦  Pour drinking water (Approx. 100 ml) in MadhuvijayTM Blood Glucose Control Tumbler at night .After 8-10 hours the water will turn brown in color. Consume this colored water 10-15 minutes before breakfast. Once again pour drinking water in MadhuvijayTM Blood Glucose Control Tumbler and consume it 10-15 minutes before dinner.

♦  Repeat the use of MadhuvijayTM Blood Glucose Control Tumbler continuously for 30 days and when the color of water stops changing, scratch the inside of the glass carefully without hurting yourself and use again for 7-15 days.

♦  Use MadhuvijayTM Blood Glucose Control Tumbler maximum for 45 days. Use a New Tumbler after every 45 days.

 ♦  Along with MadhuvijayTM Blood Glucose Control Tumbler, we supply 15 pieces of Indian Kino herbal wood {vijaysar}. Carry this convenience pack along with you while traveling , so that you do not miss the herbal infusion. Put 1(one) piece of wood in the glass full of drinking water(100 ml) at night. Consume this herbal water next morning 10-15 minutes before breakfast. Again fill the glass with drinking water & consume this herbal water 10-15 minutes before dinner. One piece of herbal wood can be used for 2 (two) days. i.e. 15 pieces of herbal wood can be used for approx 30 days.

If your blood sugar program doesn’t include this                   wonderful blood glucose Control remedy


Your Health is Priceless

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Madhuvijay Blood Sugar Control Tumbler is made from 100% Pure Indian Kino (Vijaysar) herbal wood.  Trusted by thousands since 2 generations.  Buy Pure..Get Benefited.


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